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We may not have liked the cool, wet weather in June, but the ldayilies sure did!  It is a fabulous lily year and the Red Volunteers have outdone themselves!

My mom asked why my lilies look so much better than hers. I told her that it is because really – they are my main flower. I have like a 10 by 10 garden and she must have at least an acre of gardens if you were to put them all together.  I also put composted cow manure on them in the spring.  I think she locked into that.

And even the little Siloam Merle Kents are taking off with a record number of buds.

Ok, I’ll admit, I was orginally just going to post these photos to Facebook, but Facebook didn’t seem to want them tonight, so in my blog they are!  I don’t think my blog would be complete without some July daylily posts though.  I love to go through and see the flowers in previous years and If you would like to check them out here in the are in 2008, 2007, and 2006.  Hummmm… I think what these posts are telling me is that it is time to add a couple of new varieties!  We will need to add a trip to Olallie Daylily Gardens to our Vermont vacation agenda this year.

So, I’ve been a little sparce on the meat of this blog lately so maybe I’ll take a few minutes to fill you in on what’s up in our little corner of Connecticut.  Dave and I bumped into Agent B’s Girl Scout leader on our “date” to Lowe’s the other night and she asked us how our summer is going.  Before I could even stop myself, I said “Fast!”  I said that.  Can you believe it?  I don’t think I have ever said that before. (Well, before we had children, that is.)  It truly does seem to be going by fast though!  I have so much to do and I just can’t keep up with it all.  I’m sure most of that is due to the atrocious weather we had in June.  Pretty much the whole month of June, I just did what I had to do to get by and everything else…. Well,  I just let  everything else wait for  “that sunny day.”  Now that all the days are sunny–they are crammed packed full!

Another thing that is different this year  is that the girls seem to “go off” more by themselves. They are not constantly buzzing around me but sometimes I actually have to go hunt them down when I need them.   They are busy too – Agent B has already been to sleep away camp, Agent K had her first summer job picking strawberries and now she has  just returned from Field Hockey camp at UCONN (her team won the tournament!) and Agent J is just busy painting everything in sight.  I can’t even keep a box around anymore without her wanting to paint it!  They also come to work with me at the library quite a bit because the theme is Be Creative @ our Library and they need a lot of volunteers to help the younger children with their crafts and stuff.

So, when I look ahead to the rest of the summer, it just seems like it will continue to fly by.  We’re going to the beach this Wednesday, then next week K and B have parks and rec field hockey camp.  We then have our fun filled week in Vermont with my sister and her husband. As soon as we return home K is off to camp again for 2 weeks then there is pre-season field hockey and then school starts! That is it!  The end is in sight and there will be fun along the way!  (Okay – we will see what I’m saying by the end of August!)

I’ve also been very busy with dyeing now that the sun is out.  I hope to have more Etsy shop updates in the next 2 weeks, so if you are a customer, keep watching!  I have stuff ready to go, I promise.  I’m also getting ready to start making my samples for the August Phat Fiber box. The theme is Meet Me at the Fair and I’ll bet the  you will never guess that I’m making Cotton Candy!  It should be fun as soon as I get myself organized and started. This weekend for sure.

And FALL KNITTING! I’ve been thinking about fall knitting. I even have my eye on a particular pattern.  Have you seen this one? 

It is Nonpareil by Borroco in a yarn called Blackstone Tweed.  Apparently, the yarn is not in stores yet, but will arrive in fall shipments.  At the yarn shop I visited yesterday, they had a sample ball and it is fairly soft for a tweedy yarn which is probably due to the angora in it.  And no, in case you are wondering, I have not finished my Spring knitting project yet, but I do hope to take some photos soon for a blog post and I also want to take some photos of Sock Blankie because he is growing! Slowly but surely, he is turning into a Sock Blankie big enough to cover a lap.

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