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There are days when the weather is so bad and it is so gloomy that you think you just can’t take it for another moment, then there are days like today.  Every branch of every tree in my yard is covered in ice.  The sky is blue and the sun is reflecting a million glittering prism rainbows in through my window.  Even a glistening vampire is no contest to the beauty of the winter wonderland out my window.  I’ve tried all the settings on my camera and I still can’t capture the dazzle of it all.

The close-ups come out better – trying to capture the full glistening just disappoints.

It is way prettier than this.  I don’t know if it is that my camera lacks or if it is just not possible to photograph glistening.  I’m almost ready to buy my new dSLR, maybe I’ll find out then.  (I’m also taking camera recommendations if anyone has any…)  I’m pretty sure that once I get one, a class will also be in order.

The birches are bowing. So far we have not lost any trees; we’ve just had some bendies which may or may  not recover.

I just went out to try again and I think what my main problem is that my camera can only show just a small subdued part of all the glitter and sparkle around me.

So my kitten kitten, Mr. Snickerdoodles, is obsessed with my homemade lightbox.  Perhaps it it the rustle of the tracing paper combined with the intriguing shadows from inside, but I do think I’m going to need a new one soon…

Yes, he sliced that hole and the proceeded to try to stick his body through it!  He is a funny one, that Mr. Snickerdoodles.

And lest you think I have forgotten, I do know that today is Frog it or Finish it Friday. I’m off to take the photos now!

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