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I find it very difficult to go out and buy a wreath when I have practically a billion trees in my yard. It seems silly to me to pay for someone else’s yard debris, you know?  This year I decided that I was going to make my own wreath. I bought a circle thingy and some wire for less than $4.00 at A.C. Moore, watched a You Tube video and set to work:

I can tell you what I did, but I can’t vouch for it until it makes it through its first snow storm without falling apart.  First I went out into the woods and cut off some pine and hemlock branches. I brought them all back to my breeze way and started securing them into little bundles with pieces of wire. I made 8 of those altogether because my base was divided into 8 sections.  I secured each of these bundles onto the base with more wire.  Then what happened was when I held the wreath vertically, all the branches really fluffed out so I secured them with even more wire.  I’m still not sure that I used enough though.

Earlier in the season, my aunt and uncle had dropped off some bayberry twigs.  I thought, why not stick those in the wreath too, so I bundled them up with some more pine twigs and secured those in there with even more wire.  When I bring out my holiday stuff for real, I think I may have a bow or 2 saved from last year that I can stick on there too for some more color.

I’ve been very intrigued lately by the idea of being a recessionista.  I know really the concept revolves more around fashion than homemaking, but I did find one article that showed ways to save  50 ways to money that were not all fashion related.  What have you seen out there – any good information?  If you get a chance, I’d love if you would share the link.

Holiday wreath for less than $4.00

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